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1/72 MT-LB project

2018/6/25 12:30
please do the anti-tank version (Sturm) and the 122 mm SPG (Gvozdika)
2018/6/25 12:31
oh, and also the SA-13 SAM version as well.
2018/6/25 13:39
Totally agree, Modelcollect should do the 9P149 'Shturm' ATGM vehicle, 2S1 'Gvozdika' & 9K35 SA-13 'Strela' too.....You make them, we will buy them.
2018/6/25 16:17
Strela Version +++
2018/7/17 3:23
Please the Strela version and one of the Towed artillery..
2018/8/2 14:18
will we see any of these this year (2018)?